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Charity Action in Uganda


When did it begin?

Saint Agnes Primary School, was founded in 2011 in the village Lakaya, in Uganda, by Theodore Louimas, a graduate of the Theological School of Athens.


What is its target?

To equip the village’s children with education and schooling, keeping in mind that both these assets will offer them an opportunity for a better future.


What is A PRIORI’s part?

Konstantina Nikolaidis met Theodore Louimas during the 2011 Special Olympics, where they were both volunteers. She immediately joined him in this cause!


How can I help?

Only 80€ per year from your ‘want’ is enough to cover the annual needs of a child, in regards with education and nourishment!


Support our action

Truth and Love know no borders

With merely 80€ per year, you can help a child join our school in Uganda, where we offer our students a complete education and daily meals.

You can keep correspondence with or visit your foster-child whenever you wish to.

Our target is the financial but also the emotional support of these children, since the majority of them are orphaned children.

I want to be a foster-parent!

It only takes two steps, if you wish to be a child’s foster parent:

1. Deposit the amount of 80€ to the following bank account, filing in your name and surname, and mentioning in the notes ‘Donation for Uganda’

ACCOUNT: 6759-116371-446
IBAN: GR30 0171 7590 0067 5911 6371 446

2. Contact us via our site’s contact form, so that we can share with you the foster-parent form, well as some information about the child, including the child’s portrait.

Can I help with a donation?

Of course! If you want, you can help our charity work with a donation of any sum, so that you can assist us with covering the needs of the school.

ACCOUNT: 6759-116371-446
IBAN: GR30 0171 7590 0067 5911 6371 446


Our Sponsors

These are the companies who trust A PRIORI, actively participating in our cause, on our side, guided by social responsibility and a spirit of sharing.