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The Ultimate Moment’ is Konstantina Nikolaidis’ second poetry collection. Its central theme is the life of Man as God’s image and the importance of the end (or ‘telos’) as the actualization of a new beginning, a rebirth.

As the author says: ‘I truly hope these poems touch the soul of the reader’

The graphic design of the poetry collection was done by GRID FOX. The collection is published by the publishing house “AKRITAS“.

You can buy it here: The Ultimate Moment

Η Τελευταία Στιγμή Εξώφυλλο
Η Τελευταία Στιγμή A PRIORI

Read here in english the poetry collection THE LAST MOMENT:

Vous pouvez lire ici en français le recueil de poèmes LE DERNIER MOMENT:

Lea aquí en español la selección poética EL ÚLTIMO MOMENTO:

Lesen Sie hier die Gedichtsammlung DER LETZTE MOMENT auf Deutsch